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Change is obviously not a new topic, and an oppressive number of articles and books will give you their authors’ perspectives on managing change. Mel Toomey of Generative Leadership Group and the Center for Leadership Studies, has been driving profound and original thinking about change, and will be leading this workshop. He believes that the idea that you can manage change is false. Managing means bringing predictability, reliability and certainty to a task, project or organization. Change, on the other hand, is by its very nature messy, chaotic and unstructured. While we may wish we could manage it, trying to do so will cause your change initiatives to fail. Imposing a rigid process on change will remove all the new possibilities and delightful uncertainty that is the very foundation of innovation and new futures – which is what change is meant to bring about!

In this workshop, you’ll get new insights about the nature of change and how you can be a catalyst for success. You’ll learn from Mel and from the other participants, as you hear about other people’s challenges and accomplishments. You’ll examine your own readiness for change, and what it will take you for you, as a leader, to bring about successful change.

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Tuition for the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership has been reduced!

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According to its graduates, the MAOL delivers value well beyond the tuition price – but given the economic climate and its impact on budgets, many are finding that funding requests are challenging. For this reason, we have reduced the next cohort’s tuition to $25,000. Spread across two fiscal years, we hope that the annual budget impact is now more affordable.

A master’s degree in leadership through the Center for Leadership Studies at The Graduate Institute prepares leaders to significantly increase their effectiveness in building teams that have a strong bias for success. What a candidate achieves in 18 months through the MAOL program is typically only achieved through career experience over 12-15 years.

Earning the degree requires producing a breakthrough outcome. Candidates enter with a job-centric business initiative that forms the basis for their dissertation and real-time case study. Each candidate’s breakthrough outcome includes measurable, economic returns for their company that previously seemed unattainable, and which far exceed the direct and indirect cost of being in the program.

Here are some grads talking about the value of this program:

Applying the principles he learned, one CIO laid the groundwork for a widely successful initiative to help his organization increase savings over a two-year period. According to him, “The real breakthrough was that the actual result was four times the predictable outcome.”

A VP of Marketing who participated in MAOL five years ago delivered a $20 million breakthrough increase in annual net contribution for his division during the course of the program. In a recent interview, he said, “I am now completing my fifth breakthrough initiative and continue to apply what I learned in the MAOL program.”

Client Testimonial

“(Since working with GLG,) the team feels a sense of clear individual and group accountability and now has an inculcated culture that enables the strategy. They are far better equipped to set their own direction and build on what was created during the team session. Without GLG , I do not believe we would have achieved this in as material a manner - or possibly at all.”

—President, New Business Ventures Group, at a Fortune 50 Company

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Generative Leadership Group (GLG) is a results-based consultancy committed to advising, training, developing, and facilitating executives, groups and team leaders who are committed to breakthrough results as a strategic advantage. Since 1990, our work with multi-national corporations, governments and not-for-profits has led to creative and innovative initiatives that generate substantial - and sustainable - returns on investment. Our approach provides rapid alignment of stakeholders, committed action on teams, and results that our clients consider breakthroughs. GLG’s deep understanding of the nature and effect of Human Systems and Business Systems integration is successfully applied in mergers and acquisitions, leadership development, large-scale systems change, and breakthrough projects.

On a recent M&A assignment with a Fortune 100 company we worked in partnership with a large strategy consultancy whose partner-in-charge observed:

“I have seen many consultants try to do what you do – but none do it as well!”



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